The 4s concept

“4S produces quality shock mitigation seat bases and associated products – focusing on the essentials, to make them affordable for All boat owners”.

Your Spine will Thank You!

TITANIUM shock mitigation

The Titanium is a series of strong, rigid and durable shock mitigation seat bases with infinitely adjustable suspension, and swivel, slide and height adjustment as options.
A complete system under your boat seat.

According to the product development strategy for the Titanium seat suspension systems, steps have included a several-year-process with attention to:

  • Analyzing customer needs
  • Different kind of driver ergonomics in boats
  • Selection of suitable materials and methods
  • Development of optimal compression/rebound profiles
  • Testing in different types and sizes of waves
  • Testing in different sizes of boats
  • Repeated impact- and endurance tests
  • Building up an efficient, reliable supply- and manufacturing process

As a result of this process, Scandinavian Seat Suspension Systems (4S) has created a stream-lined product without compromising on the quality in any detail or function.
A reliable product with easy access to adjustment handles and levers while sitting in the seat.
A sturdy product with easily understood and maintained functions – avoiding small and sensitive details/handling (valves, loose parts, tiny adjustment wheels, sensors, etc).
An affordable product making it possible also for private owners of smaller boats to have a comfortable, pain-free ride in whatever sea condition.
The 4S shock mitigation seat base minimizes the risks of pain and permanent injuries from wave impacts, and makes boating a more enjoyable experience.

The driver seat should normally NOT be moving when the boat passes small waves and softer sea, as a moving seat affects the ability to feel and maneuver the boat in a safe way.
See diagram below, and read more about risks with low-quality, in-adequate seat suspensions under Why Shock Mitigation.


Shock absorption overview – compiled by SICS (Swedish Institute of Computer Science)

Blue: Impact force on a normal, fixed seat base
Yellow: Impact force with 4S Titanium shock mitigation seat base

The diagram shows a short 2-minute drive in medium rough conditions.
Covering impacts up to between 5 and 6G a few times.
Note that shock absorption efficiency increases the rougher the impacts are.
Tests were carried out with Racefox® accelerometer sensors under seat cushions.